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Consulting & Training

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Every business that is looking to grow relies upon professional support services. At TPN we have experienced the vast benefits of getting outside support and counsel from those not directly tied to the ownership or leadership of the business. A fresh look at things from knowledgeable trainers/consultants allows everyone involved to get refreshed and motivated to build an even better service company.

The  team of coaches and consultants connected to the TPN are available to assist in the following areas:

  • Service Culture and Customer Service

  • Sales and Marketing your service business

  • Re-Positioning your business for greater growth and profitability

  • Business Leadership and Succession Planning

  • Valuation, Recapitalization, Restructuring and Business Ownership Transitions

Group Forums/ Shared Learning Opportunities

TradePros Network also knows that sometimes there is no better, more enjoyable way to learn than to share in a Leadership Forum.  We select key Forum topics from the feedback of our members. We then assemble key subject matter expert speakers and roundtable group experts to guide our forums for those key topics.


Some of the more popular topics are:

  • Employee recruitment and retention

  • Creative Sales and Marketing in a Service business

  • ​Increasing Profitability through streamlined operations and custom pricing models

  • How to increase your business valuation and create healthy exit opportunities

  • We will be publishing the upcoming Forums and the related details soon.

  • If you are interested in knowing more about available consulting and coaching to help your business please contact us

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