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Frequently asked questions

What is a PSP (Procurement Services Provider)?

PSP is an organization that combines the purchasing power of an aggregated group of individual buyers in order to lower the cost of materials, supplies and services for their clients. The PSP also negotiates the best available contract terms for its clients in areas like extended time price protection to reduce costs and surprises from tariffs and other price increases.

Why have I not heard of a PSP for my trade before this invitation from TradePros Network to take part in the Qmerit/Avendra offering?

The Qmerit/Avendra offering is the first of its kind. The technology provided by the Qmerit Marketplace portal combined with the supply chain leadership of Avendra has resulted in the first purchasing partnership for everyday job materials and supplies for various sized contracting business. The TradePros Networkk, which represents contractors nationally, is a key partner in bringing this exciting offering to the trades.

Who are the companies involved?

Avendra is the leading hospitality procurement services provider in North America, managing $13 billion in annual purchasing spend for over 650 companies at more than 8,500 locations. Avendra brings supply chain optimization expertise to multiple industry segments including MRO, hospitality, multifamily, private clubs and higher education. Avendra’s full suite of services enables clients to improve operational performance and better serve customers through the combination of purchasing power, operational services, and supply chain strategies. Qmerit is a leader in cloud-based, supply chain solutions that significantly improves service quality and reduces operating costs for OEM’s, facility managers, and contractors. Qmerit was launched as a spin out from a Fortune 500 facility services company with over 110,000 service employees and thousands of subcontractors and innately understand the complexities and frustrations with managing a complex, service supply chain. Qmerit’s passion is to bring order to this chaos. TradePros Network is established as a premier provider of services and solutions for various sized contracting firms. TPN members enjoy reduced material costs through the PSP, increased sales by participating in regional and national account service, and improved operations from out training, consulting and group forums.

What financial and performance requirements are there to participate?

There is no fee for a contractor to join. It is expected that contractor members will purchase a preponderance of materials from Avendra-approved suppliers as long as the price, service, and delivery are as good or better. There is no fee or penalty for leaving the PSP.

What is the process for purchasing and receiving the great prices?

Contractor members participating in the Avendra/Qmerit program will purchase from Avendra’s suppliers in the same manner you currently purchase. You can use the Qmerit Marketplace portal for comparison shopping and easy ordering or make phone, email, fax orders as usual.

How do I pay my invoices?

There is no change to your current invoicing process. You will be invoiced by the suppliers and make payments to suppliers as you currently do.

Why do I need to fill out a universal credit application if I already have an account set up with participating suppliers?

All of the participating suppliers have agreed to use the universal credit application, so we can streamline setup with additional suppliers. By filling out the universal credit application once, your firm will have accounts established with all the suppliers in the program.

Is there an exclusive territory or limitation on the number of contractors who can join?

The territory includes the continental US. There is no limit to the number of contractors who are able to join as long as all contractors enroll via the sponsored microsite. By continuing to grow our contractor membership, we will have more leverage to negotiate even deeper discounts in the future.

How large is the Qmerit/Avendra in purchasing power?

As of early 2019, the Qmerit/Avendra offering has more than $500 million in maintenance, repairs and operations (MRO) purchases by building owners and building engineers with a select group of suppliers. We are now opening up membership to various size Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing contractors. Remember, all members receive great pricing and terms.